Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hannah Grace's 6th Birthday Party

Hannah Grace wanted a craft party this year, so we had it at Do it yourself Crafts in Homewood. She and her friends loved it. They each got to pick out a critter and paint it. We had so much fun celebrating our big 6 year old! She is the most fun, lovable, stubborn, strong willed and full of energy little girl. So blessed to have her in our family and be a great big sister to all her siblings! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Halloween 2014

Halloween was fun this year. Thanks to Clints Aunt and Uncle, we were able to take the kids trick or treating. We also had a fun party with our church friends! Both kids decided on their outfits way before Halloween. Knox chose a policeman and Hannah Grace a super girl! 

2 Months

Month 2 and I am exhausted, but have so much joy! The babies have started smiling and interacting with us a little more. It melts my heart to see them smile at Hannah Grace and Knox. They are still sleeping in their rock n plays, but I plan to move them in the next few weeks. They are only waking one time a night now! Helps so much to get a long stretch of sleep, but I still look forward to when they sleep through the night! They are both growing like crazy, but Pearson is way bigger than his little sis. Payton was 10lb 10oz  and 22 in and Pearson was 13lb 11oz and 24 in at their 2 month checkup. They have around 7 bottles a day and I am still pumping, but still getting mastitis on and off. Love these 2 peas in a pod!

1 month

We made it to 1 month! They are sleeping a little longer stretches now and changing so much. Payton loves the swing and is pretty happy all the time. Pearson loves to be held and I wear him in the baby carrier a lot of the time. Both are sleeping in their rock n plays in our dining room, so I don't have to make a trip upstairs every night. I continue to get mastitis, so may have to stop pumping. This kills me, but it is hard to function when you feel so bad. Clint is amazing and has helped so much with the babies. Since they are on bottles, he has helped more with them than with Hannah Grace and Knox. He has loved bonding with them more in this stage and I love the help! We have had Carla, a night nanny, coming to our house since 2 weeks, to help us 2 days a week. My parents gave us this gift and it is the best gift they could have given us! To have two full nights of sleep energizes me for the next day and I feel I can conquer the world after a Carla night!